How To Place Your Order

Let the Leading Lady know what's going to be the star at your table.

1) Please fill out the form to the right. Include what you would like to order and the date you will need it. 

2) The Leading Lady will call you personally to confirm your order, arrange for payment, and set a specific appointment - usually a half-hour window.

3) Your order will be fulfilled once confirmed by Leading Lady Delights and paid for in advance.

4) Payment is made online by Paypal or a credit card over the phone.

5) Your order is on the calendar after payment has been received.

6) Pick up times are by appointment only. Please arrive on time. If orders are not picked up in the time window agreed upon, they will be placed out front. Thereafter, Leading Lady Delights will not be responsible for theft, damage, melting, taste or visual quality of your ordered products.

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If ordering an item with options, please list here. Many items come in various flavors and order sizes. Check the item page for details on your choices. (For example: One pound plain challah or one pound Black Forest Fudge.)

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